About Albayeder

Authenticity and Symbol of Art

The world has witnessed a huge innovation in the field of decoration, the horizons of the building designs have expanded and the materials used to cover floors and facades have varied. But due to its elegance and durability, the natural rock is still the most desired material. And with all the development these days, the natural rock has been substituted by another material which is the industrial German rock. This rock is the mixture of natural cement, sand, and crushed stones added to developed combination of ingredients that gives the rock a high ability to resist the natural factors. It becomes humidity and waterproof, also resistant to extreme temperatures (between -20 and 60). The beautiful shape of this rock is similar to the natural one, but, with a good price, a light weight, matching pieces in the process of installation and the possibility of providing the newest luxurious models and patterns in the world of vacuum templates.
That’s why our company is providing all the requirements (raw material, templates, equipments) for the industrial German rock factories.
We’re pleased to announce our goals and terms concerning the process of dealing with the factories owners :
1. Accuracy in work and delivery times.
2. High quality of templates production.
3. Execution of all shapes and models in a short period of time.
4. Putting our long experience at your service and providing suggestions and solutions to get the best results.
We’re confident that our experience and the quality of our production will gain your trust.